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Everyone is wondering what public events will be like after the pandemic of Covid-19. We have always specialized in small to medium weddings and other small events...but we are revamping to include mini weddings that include mainly family and friends. We already offer systems for beach and outdoor weddings but receptions will not only include the Dj Show but at your request we will incorporate our audio visual services.

We are designing a creative video conference system for your out-of-town guests that wouldn't be able to make it to your wedding reception. It will include the conference camera, laptop with Zoom installed and connected to a projector & screen or a big TV.

Out-of-town guests you invite to Zoom will be able to login at specific times and toast to you.  

Photo booths can also include video for your guests. They can record video clips that can be included in your photo album in a USB.

Note: Guest can install the free version of Zoom and have up to 40 minutes in the conference...but toasts normally lasts a couple of minutes! Let us know if you plan to have video conference toasting at your wedding and we will arrange wi-fi or internet connection at the venue in advance. Be safe and we'll see you soon! DJ George (956) 533-2423.

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